The Importance of Safety Footwear in Welding

In the constructing and manufacturing industry it is important that the safety of the workers comes first. The accidents at work create extra cost and can lead to law suits from aggrieved workers. In the construction and manufacturing industry it is mandatory that employers comply with set standards regarding safety. Organizations like the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the ISO (International Standards Organization) have created safety standards that serve as a guideline

Safety footwear is a durable boot or shoe that has steel protective reinforcement in the toe and sometimes comes with a bottom steel plate. The protective reinforcements found in safety footwear prevent the wearer from sustaining injury from falling objects and from dangerous puncture wounds. Wearing a pair is absolutely necessary before entering a construction site and many factories make them mandatory.

The protective reinforcements in this type of footwear are commonly made from steel, although they can be made from composite materials or plastic. They are designed to protect the wearer from all potential hazard associated with the feet.

Types of Safety Footwear


  • Corrosion resistant footwear protect the feet from harsh chemicals and acid
  • Insulated footwear provide temperature and humidity stability. Even when the exterior conditions get extreme he wear stays comfortable
  • Antistatic footwear. A static spark occurs when electrical charge builds up on the surface of two materials, this is hazardous especially when working with flammable materials. Workers working in grain elevators, explosive manufacturing companies and work environment with flammable gas vapor must wear antistatic shoes.
  • Industrial footwear provides a high level of safety and must comply with ISO standards. They are common among construction workers, smelters and foundry workers.
  • Electric resistant footwear. These are made specifically for work that involves high voltage and can protect the wearer from up to 600 volts. This type of footwear should be used in conjunction with other electrical safety gear.
  • Military footwear is used by the military and protects the wearer from harsh and rugged terrain. Some military footwear is designed to protect the wearer from mines and other explosives that affect the foot.
  • Other types of safety footwear include leggings, shin guards, metatarsal guard, combination foot and shin guard and many other types.


It is important that the right type is selected as they offer protection to the feet in different ways. fake jordan

Safety footwear can also used for defence, as they increase the kick power rendered to an assailant.

Maintaining Your Safety Footwear

Safety footwear is no different from other protective equipment and need to be inspected before each use. It should also be checked regularly for wear and tear. The soles should be checked for puncture and embedded metal fragments that could lead to electrical hazards or discomfort. It is very important that the cleaning and maintenance procedure laid down by the manufacturer is followed.


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